Supplementary conditions of hire for the Covid 19 pandemic


1. All lettings shall be subject to these supplementary conditions.


2. These conditions are subject to change in line with government guidance.




3. Where Trinity Church is notified in advance of cancellation by the hirer that is necessarily caused by government guidance or rules, Trinity Church will waive cancellation charges.


Risk Assessment


4. Prior to the hire, the hirer shall produce a Risk Assessment in line with government guidelines and identify and apply mitigation measures required to maintain a Covid-safe environment. On request the hirer shall provide Trinity Church with a copy of these documents.


5. The hirer shall limit the number of people attending to a level where they can maintain safe-distancing in line with government guidance, taking into account the size of the hired hall and the nature of the activity.


Behaviour of invitees


6. The Hirer shall ensure that their invitees are aware of, and provide sufficient supervision to ensure they follow, the following instructions:-

a) Everyone shall, on arrival at the premises, use the hand sanitiser provided.
b) Nobody shall loiter in any communal area such as corridors, which must be kept clear for free movement around the building.
c) Anyone waiting to drop off or collect children or others shall wait outside the building.
d) Everyone shall observe safe-distancing.
e) Face coverings shall be worn as required by government regulations.
f) The consumption of food and drink on the premises is discouraged, except for the use of personal water bottles.


7. The hirer shall supervise their invitees and, in particular where there is a risk of congestion (e.g. collection of children) shall supervise entry and exit from the premises to prevent congestion.


Other precautions


8. The hirer shall keep external doors open and, where possible internal doors and windows too. Internal doors should only be closed where essential to keep children safe. This is to maximise ventilation and to reduce touching of doors.


9. The hirer shall liaise with the caretaker to ensure that any tables and chairs or other equipment that have been used are wiped down with appropriate cleaning agents before being returned to where they are stored.


10. The hirer is forewarned that the hall heating may not be switched on in October and doors may still be kept open, so users must dress accordingly. This will be reviewed in September.


11. The kitchen is not available for use.


Contact tracing


12. The hirer shall maintain a record of attendees including names and contact numbers which shall be made available to the relevant authorities if required for contact-tracing purposes.


13. The hirer shall provide details of an alternate contact point for provision of this information if needed. Trinity Church will provide the hirer’s and alternate contact point’s contact details to the relevant authorities if they so request to facilitate contact tracing.

14. The hirer shall advise Trinity Church urgently if they are aware that anyone with Covid 19 symptoms, or who tested positive for Covid 19 and should be self isolating, either is, or has been, on the premises, and advise immediately of any spillage of bodily fluids.

(Issued 31 July 2020)

A pdf version can be downloaded here.

Charity number 1136623

Regulated by the Charity Commission