Giving by Trinity

Each year the church gives a proportion of its income to a number of local, national and international charities nominated and voted for by church members.  We aim to give 10% of our total church income and in 2018/19 we gave £12,500 including £1,000 to each of 8 charities selected by means of a congregational vote.


Note that anyone can add a charity to the list of options when they record their votes.  The list already includes all the charities that received at least 2 votes in the previous year.  To qualify for a donation the charity will typically have to receive around 12 votes.

For 2019/20 we plan to give £1000 to each of 7 charities chosen by means of a congregational vote and the voting is now open - you can obtain a voting form in church or you can complete the form online here.​

Trinity also supports appeals that are announced by the Disasters Emergency Committee.  When such an appeal is announced, Trinity holds a retiring collection for the following two Sundays in support of the appeal.


The loose cash offerings at our Churches Uniting in Central Sutton united services are given to designated charities.


For 2019/20 we have once again set ourselves the Trinity Overseas Challenge.


Our Junior Church undertakes fundraising by a number of methods in support of both domestic and overseas causes, raising considerable sums of money and also adding to the children’s learning experience.


Trinity members are very active in raising money for organisations such as Christian Aid.


If you would like to support our work financially, please see our web page on Giving to Trinity.

Charity number 1136623

Regulated by the Charity Commission