Sunday Worship

24 October 2021    10.30am 

A service will be held in church at 10.30am and will be live streamed on this web page.  A recording will be available soon after the end of the service.


The service is led by Revd Dr David DIckinson.  The reading is Mark 10: 46-52.

Worshipping at Trinity

If you watch these videos online, can you please let us know who you are?  We would love to be in touch and perhaps have some feedback!  We really want to hear from everyone who watches... Please send us an email to or give John Wroe a call on 020 8642 9064.

Dial a service.  If you know anyone who would wish to listen to a recording of our service but who doesn't have internet access, please let them know they can dial a local phone number 020 3319 1332 at any time to hear our most recent service.  The new service will usually be available by around 1.30pm each Sunday.