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When a friend or relative dies, the first few hours and days are often deeply confusing.  Our minister can help you in these early stages with practical advice and pastoral support.


You will find that the professionals in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, coroner’s offices, register offices etc will be helpful in taking you step-by-step through the processes you should follow. 


At some stage, you will need to appoint a funeral director (although this is not a legal requirement).  Please remember that there is nothing wrong in contacting several funeral directors so that you can decide which will best accommodate your requirements.  For peace of mind, some people find it reassuring to do this quite soon after a death has occurred.  


At any stage, as someone is dying or after someone has died, you can contact our minister.  He is available to conduct funerals in Trinity Church or at local crematoria and cemeteries, whether or not you have had any previous association with the church.  Moreover, he is available to advise you even if you do not require his assistance at the funeral service.

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Meanwhile, there are some useful website resources you might want to consult. 


The NHS Choices website


The Scottish NHS website is equally authoritative, a little more informal and suitable for young people.


Cruse Bereavement Care is the main voluntary organisation providing bereavement services.


Winston's Wish is the best-known organisation for bereavement care for children.


Macmillan Cancer Support has good information on a range of worries that people have throughout the whole process of being diagnosed, treated for and living with cancer, but it is also a good practical guide for arrangements for those who have died of other illnesses.


If you would like to make arrangements for a funeral please contact the Minister - phone 020 8643 6884 (and leave a message if no answer).


The Minister can discuss the various options, which include for example

  • a service of thanksgiving in the church followed by burial or cremation, or

  • a service of thanksgiving following cremation, or

  • a service at the crematorium chapel.



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