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Trinity aims to be a place which welcomes and supports those struggling with their mental health, and at a Church Meeting on 14 June 2015 Trinity adopted the "Friendly Places" pledge, which commits us to:-


Increasing accessibility


  • Providing opportunities for connection, such as activities or refreshments after services.

  • Making sure those people who can be approached to talk about pastoral care or prayer are visibly available to speak to after services or meetings.

  • Providing help and support for people caring for those with mental health difficulties.

  • Keeping seats or spaces free so people can slip in and out during services or ceremonies.


Being friendly and welcoming


  • Having people in place to greet those attending meetings or services

  • Ensuring that there is a structure where each person in the community is ‘seen’, so that even if a person does not regularly participate in social or community activities, there is someone to look out for them, or if they are absent it is noticed and acted upon.

  • Listening; giving people time and space to speak.

  • Accepting and welcoming others as they are: seeing past unhelpful behaviour and focusing on the person rather than ‘reacting’ to people who may be ‘different’.

  • Being prepared to come alongside and accept people with complex problems, so that they are not made to feel that they have to be ‘fixed’.


Raising awareness and challenge stigma


  • Talking openly about the mental health needs of the whole community.

  • Offering opportunities for improved awareness, such as discussion groups or a film event to help to raise awareness and dispel myths.

  • Addressing mental health issues in public messages or sermons.

  • If your place of worship has space for telling stories – encouraging and supporting those with personal experience of mental health problems to share their story with others in the faith group.


Understand Mental Health


  • Committing to understand more about mental health as a congregation; supporting those who want a deeper understanding of mental health through accessing training opportunities available.

  • Having an awareness of local mental health services.


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Our "Friendly Places" Pledge

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