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We hope you will want to "belong" at Trinity.   If you are worshipping with us regularly then, if you agree,  we will include you in our database of people who are associated with the church as an "adherent".  

We would encourage you to consider taking the further step of becoming a "member" of Trinity.  You can do so by confirmation if you have not previously been confirmed, or by being accepted on transfer from another church.

Becoming a member is usually marked publicly during a service of worship.

Membership involves both privileges and obligations.  As members we commit to worship in the local church and through private prayer, to seek to develop our understanding of God and our faith, to play an active part in the life of the church, to be a good neighbour in the community, challenging injustice and to use our resources to support the Church in its mission in the world.

As members we gain the privilege of being able to vote in church meetings and to hold various offices in the church.

As members of Trinity we are members of both the Methodist and United Reformed churches, and our membership is recognised by other churches.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please talk with the minister.


A pulpit hanging at Trinity showing crosses
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