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Bunker Youth Group

On 17th July six young people and four leaders gathered in the Bunker (the little room off the Parlour), ate pizza and planned an exciting programme for the Autumn Term. Bunker will resume its regular Sunday evening meetings on Sunday 11th September at 6.30pm. A special thank you to Ruth Maclaren, Livvy Chappell and Rosie Dawson, all Bunker ‘graduates’ whose boundless enthusiasm for Bunker make it all possible. It’s great to be back! If you want to know more about joining Bunker in September please contact Jane Oliver on 07910 315237 or

Bunker is an informal youth group.  We meet in our own room, 'The Bunker' at Trinity Church on Sunday nights during school term time from 6.30-8pm.


Young people of secondary school age who are associated with any of the churches in CUCS are warmly invited to join us.


Each term we plan our own programme and this often includes games, film nights, cooking (everything from Ready, Steady, Cook to pancakes) or sometimes we just chill out and chat.

Bunker swim BBQ

In the summer we have a swim BBQ, in the Autumn term we have a fireworks party and at Christmas we usually go skating at one of the ice rinks in London.


We have also organised several fundraising quiz nights and most recently a Beetle Drive to support Bunker members who are undertaking projects at school with various charities, often travelling to do a whole range of valuable work around the world.


We ask members to bring £1 each week that they attend, but most activities are generously sponsored by the Church.


For more information please contact Jane Oliver (07910 315237 or email Jane Oliver)

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