We believe that all people have the right to be safe from harm. As Christians, we are charged to love and care for all people but in particular the most vulnerable members of the Church community. 


We believe that all children and vulnerable adults deserve the opportunity to achieve their potential and to be protected from abuse and exploitation by anybody.


We recognise the importance of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, the serious issues of child abuse and neglect, of abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults and of domestic violence. We accept our responsibility for caring for children and vulnerable adults physically and mentally, as well as spiritually, whilst they are in our care, if they need and seek our help and support or on our premises under the care of others.


Should anyone have concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult please speak to one of the following:

Dave Dickinson - Minister

Rachel Grimshaw – Junior Church Superintendent

Deborah Wroe – Child safeguarding officer for Trinity

Malcolm Payne – Adult safeguarding adviser for Trinity


Working with other Churches United in Central Sutton (CUCS), we have created a Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. These set out the local arrangements for safeguarding church members who from time to time need our protection and help, and pay special attention to our responsibility to safeguard children.


The CUCS safeguarding policy and procedures adopted by Trinity are available for download here.

Trinity offers the following guidance for people using our halls...




Further information may be found on the Methodist Church safeguarding website, which provides links to Methodist Church policies:


and the United Reformed Church safeguarding website, which provides links to United Reformed Church policies: