Children and young people


“Here our children find a welcome.”


(Singing the Faith, Hymn 26 v3)


Our Junior Church and Bunker youth group are currently suspended, but children remain welcome to join in our services. 


Children and young people are a valued part of our church family and we aim to provide a safe and welcoming place where they can develop spiritually and learn about the Christian faith.


In normal times.....

Babies and toddlers from birth to 3 enjoy playing in our crèche which is provided during the Sunday morning service.


For part of the morning service the young people leave the service to join their Junior Church classes which cater for ages from 3 to 18, and we have over 50 children on the "roll".  Our experienced leaders guide the children in Bible work, drama, games, music and art and craft. The high level of discussion amongst the teenagers on Christian belief and practice might surprise the adult congregation!

Secondary school age youngsters are also encouraged to join the Bunker Youth Group which meets on Sunday evenings.



For information about our current activities see our Junior Church newsletter under News and Events.


The Junior Church plans and leads one or two services each year. The congregation are moved and inspired by these acts of worship which involve many styles of music, serious drama, comic sketches and dance.


For more information on our Junior Church contact Fiona Jones (020 8643 5438   email Fiona Jones)

We are associated with the Trinity Scout and Guide Group which meet on our premises during the week. This group has over 200 children. Three times a year there are Church Parades when these young people join our morning service.


We also run a Toddler Group which meets during the week.


Charity number 1136623

Regulated by the Charity Commission