Charity vote 2021/22

For 2021/22 it was agreed by Church Meeting that 5 charities will each receive £500 from church funds, the charities being selected by a voting process.

Church members can now vote to determine which 5 charities will receive donations, selecting from a list of 10 charities which received 3 or more nominations.

If you are a church member please complete the voting form below.   Alternatively a paper form is available in church.

Voting will close at end August.

You have up to 5 votes.  You can write in and vote for a different charity you would like to receive a donation, but for the charity to receive a donation many other members of the congregation would also need to add that charity to their list. Last time each winning charity received at least thirteen votes, but if your added charity receives at least two votes it will get listed on next year’s voting paper. 

Data collected using this form will only be used to administer the selection of charities.