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Charity vote 2023/24

Each year members of the congregation are invited to vote for charitable donations to be made in the name of  Trinity Church.

The church meeting has agreed that this year we shall make charitable donations of £1000 to each of 6 external charities.

You are invited to vote to select these charities.  You can use the form below or paper forms are available in church.  The listed charities are those that received at least 8 votes last year or those that were new last year and received at least 2 votes.  You can add an additional charity to your voting if you wish.  Last year the selected charities all had at least 13 votes.

In addition Trinity is making donations to denominational charities (Leaders of Worship and Preaching Trust, Methodist Church Funds, Moderator's Benevolent Fund etc)  totalling £4,500. 

For 2022/23 the charities selected by the voting which each received £1,000 were:-

  • Alzheimers Society

  • Emmaus UK

  • Refugee & Migrant Network

  • St Raphaels Hospice

  • Sutton Mental Health Foundation

  • Sutton Cruse Bereavement Care

Note that contributions to charities by Trinity far exceed the above as we also give to URC denominational charities through our assessment and we hold collections and fundraise for  Disaster Emergency Committee Appeals, Christian Aid and Action for Children.  Additionally our Junior Church and Bunker Youth Group regularly raise funds for charities which they choose to support.

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