Charity vote 2020/21

It has been our regular practice to make donations to the wider world totalling 10% of our previous year's income, and to invite the congregation to vote to select which charities should benefit for a part of that giving.

For 2020/21, given the significant reduction in our reserves as a result of the pandemic and, in particular, the costs of closing our Oasis café, the Finance Committee has decided to refer to church meeting the decision as to whether to make such donations and, if so, to what value. 

In 2019/20, as part of our giving to the wider world, the church gave £1,000 to each of 7 charities selected by means of a congregational vote.​ 

The seven charities selected were:-

  • Alzheimer's Society

  • Child Rescue Nepal

  • Refugee and Migrant Network

  • St Raphael's Hospice

  • Sutton Cruse

  • Sutton Mental Health Foundation

  • Sutton Nightwatch