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Supper Club is a social group with members mostly in their 50s or above but anyone is welcome to join in.  

We meet up each month.  Sometimes a member of our congregation opens their house for other members and friends to come along to share a convivial meal with wine and soft drinks.  Whoever is hosting provides all the food and drink in return for £10.00 per head.  It is a very informal meal starting at 7.30pm or 8pm, rarely eaten at a table.

On some occasions we have Bring and Share evenings when, instead of paying, everyone brings some food to be shared and the hosts provide the drink in return for £4 a head.

On other months we have several smaller groups of 6 or 8 meeting for morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening drinks with a nominal charge of £2 a head.

Supper Club

Preparing for supper club
A summer evening

There is no upper or lower age limit, singles and doubles are welcome to come along to chat and enjoy themselves.


If you are interested in coming along one evening just phone the hosts for that evening a week beforehand to let them know that you would like to come. Be aware that some hosts/hostesses have to limit the number of people they can accommodate.



For more information see the Calendar for specific events or contact RIchard and Morigue Cornwell (020 8643 3614   email Richard Cornwell).


Supper club al fresco
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