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2022 hire rates

Rates unchanged.  To help our customer's recovery after the pandemic we are maintaining our rates and discounts for the 2nd year running with no increases from 2020.

                                           Standard rate 

                                            per hour


Trinity Hall                              £38.00

Minor Hall                              £26.00

Parlour                                   £26.00

Terrace Room                        £26.00

Use of kitchen for food           £23.00   (flat rate)



Use of kitchen for tea/coffee  Free of charge but

                                               must be booked


The church is also available for bookings at:-


        £180 per day for religious services

        £250 per day for secular events



Charities  and CICs          25%

Regular bookings             25% 

Regular charity bookings  50%

"Regular" bookings are at least weekly

during term time.

Minimum booking duration 1 hour

Minimum booking increment 15 minutes

The kitchen is only available together with hire of a hall. 

Security charge


For most one-off bookings and especially parties we require a returnable deposit of up to £200.

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