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December 2014 and January 2015

  • Revd Dave Dickinson - Hospitality at Christmas

  • Christmas Worship

  • Regular events

  • News from the Churches

  • "Making Peace" on Earth by Mark Pullinger

  • Sunday afternoon outings - The Museum of Childhood and the National Gallery

  • Devotions by Justine Middlemiss

  • Revd Mike Dales - All Saints

  • Regular events

  • News from the Churches

  • Dave Dickinson argues for a new saint for England

  • Chef and The Hundred Foot Journey - reviews by Justine Middlemiss.

  • A Prayer of Remembrance

  • Sunday afternoon outings - Southwark Cathedral and the Museum of Childhood

  • Fauré's Requiem on 9 November

October 2014

  • Revd Mark Pullinger - When the sky falls in...

  • Regular events

  • News from the Churches

  • Stephen Haylett says "Come and Sing"

  • Poetry at Twilight - classes at SCOLA

  • International Lunch on 12 October

  • Outing to Southwark Cathedral

  • Mike Dales continues reflections on World War 1

  • Dave Dickinson reviews Medea

September 2014

  • Revd Dave Dickinson: One of the most memorable weekends in my working life ...

  • CUCS Singers and Friends!

  • Fauré's Requiem on Remembrance Sunday 9 November

  • Regular Events

  • News from the Churches

  • Leah Philbrick reflects on her time in Sutton

  • Mike Dales reviews Noah

  • Mike Dales remembering World War 1

  • Turning lights out to remember

  • History talks

  • Organ recital and sung evensong

  • Evening supper talk - Glbert and Sullivan

  • Tennis Club Finals Day

  • Outing to Buddhist Temple

  • Walk in Nonsuch Park

  • Country ramble

  • New SBC web site

  • First World War - 100 years on - by Dave Dickinson

  • Cranky, Beautiful Faith - a book review by Justine Middlemiss

June 2014

  • God our Father and our Mother... by Revd Justine Middlemiss

  • Prayers of Intercession for Pentecost

  • Ordination of Women

  • Ramble on Headley Heath - 1 June

  • Trinity Book Club

  • United Choral Evensong

  • Talks at St Nicholas

  • The Revd Peter Thomas Stanford by Mike Dales

  • Augustine of Hippo: A Life: by Henry Chadwick reviewed by Dave Dickinson


May 2014

  • Revd Dr David Dickinson reflects on Holy Week

  • Devotions by Justine Middlemiss

  • A thought for Ascension Day - 29 May

  • Christian Aid Week 11-18 May

  • London Borough of Sutton Children, Young People and Learning Directorate

  • Inside St Raphael’s Hospice

  • Reviewing the 2014 Lent Talks

  • Regular Events

April 2014

  • Getting all the way through to Easter can be hard work! by Revd Mike Dales

  • Devotions - Silent God

  • Regular Events

  • Have you been to any of the Lent Talks?

  • Singing the Faith

  • Bluebell Ramble Sunday 4 May

  • From Palm Sunday to Easter Day

  • The Imitation of Christ by Dave Dickinson

  • The Butler Director: Lee Daniels - a film review by Justine Middlemiss

March 2014

  • Winter Olympics the GB Men’s Curling Team by Revd Mark Pullinger

  • Lent 2014 Events

  • Regular Events

  • Happy Birthday St Nicholas!

  • The Heart's Time - A Book for Lent

  • Outing to Crystal Palace• News from Bunker

  • Supper Talks resume• Lent: 40 Acts of Generosity? by Mike Dales

  • The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt - Reviewed by Dave Dickinson

February 2014

  • Revd Dave Dickinson - What makes you think that your birthday is in any way different from any other day?

  • Devotions - a poem written by the late Jean Orton

  • Happy Anniversary St Nicholas Church!

  • Unite! in colour!

  • Looking Forward to Lent

  • Come and Sing! Stainer’s Crucifixion

  • All was for an Apple by Justine Middlemiss

  • Mike Dales reviews Shekina

  • Regular Events

December 2013/January 2014

  • Revd Justine Middlemiss - Settling into Sutton

  • Dave Dickinson reflects on the Christmas Story

  • Devotional Classics edited by Richard Foster and JB Smith Reviewed by Mike Dales

  • An Advent Calendar with a difference! • Regular Events

  • Christmas Worship

  • Visit to Horniman Museum and Gardens Sunday 26 January

  • Reading the Bible - Two evenings with Dave Dickinson

November 2013

  • Mark Pullinger - To be human is to be in conflict

  • A Poem for Remembrance Day - The inquisitive mind of a child

  • Words and Music for Remembrance Sunday 10 November

  • Visit to The Geffrye Museum 8 December

  • News from the Bunker

  • Sutton Shares Time Bank

  • Deborah Wroe recommends - Haphazard by Starlight

  • Remembering 1963 by Mike Dales

  • Dazzling Darkness: Gender, sexuality, illness and God Rachel Mann. Reviewed by Dave Dickinson

October 2013

  • Revd Dr David Dickinson introduces himself

  • Harvest Devotions by Sylvia Robinson

  • Chocolate Courgette Cake

  • Dave Dickinson’s book: The Novel as Church - Preaching to Readers in Contemporary Fiction

  • Supper Talks success

  • Picnic and Ramble Sunday 20 October

  • Ride & Stride – Saturday 14 September

  • Welcome to your New Ministers!

  • Mike Dales reviews Inferno by Dan Brown and The Divine Comedy by Dante

  • Regular Events

September 2013

  • Revd Mike Dales - The moving hand once having writ moves on...

  • Welcome to Dave and Justine!

  • Devotions - beginnings

  • Will Aid November 2013

  • Liam’s visit to Nepal

  • Lunch at The Clink

  • Sutton Churches’ Tennis Club

  • In Memoriam - Joyce Crabb and Joyce Davies

  • And the glory......... CUCS Arts Festival

  • Handel's Messiah - a review by Mark Pullinger

July/August 2013

  • Rev Martin Camroux - Saying farewells is never easy

  • Flesh And Blood - Rev Mike Dales

  • How God became King: the forgotten story of the Gospels Reviewed by Rev Mark Pullinger

  • Farewell to the Camroux family!

  • All about the Crystal Palace

  • 18th Century Glam!

  • Celebrations at Christchurch

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