Tuesdays at Trinity
4 October 2022

Communion wine

Understanding the sacraments

in an ecumenical church

What ‘happens’ at Holy Communion? And what does Holy Baptism signify?   In this talk Dave Dickinson will explore the wide range of ways Christians understand the sacraments, and help you answer for yourself the question: what do the sacraments mean for me?  

Future dates:

8 November   


In the manner of smoke : Leonardo da Vinci, art, and faith - Revd Iain Lane

It is widely said that Leonardo da Vinci rejected the Christian faith, and that his art asserts something more like a modern scientific view of the world. This lecture will take a fresh look at the evidence, explore Leonardo's links with the Franciscan movement, and look at two of Leonardo's surviving works to explore what we can learn not only about the artist, but about the relationship between theology and science in his day and our own.

Revd Iain Lane is an Anglican priest and a Franciscan. He is Tutor in Christian Doctrine and the Visual Arts at St Albans Cathedral Study Centre.

Tickets £5


6 December       


Women and Christianity - Revd Dr David Dickinson

As Christmas approaches and our attention turns to the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus, Dave Dickinson discusses with us some of the difficulties women have had with Christianity.