Theological Action Research Project

Trinity Church has been working with the Susanna Wesley Foundation and Roehampton University on a research project about believing, belonging and taking part in the life of Trinity Church.

The project uses an approach called Theological Action Research. During the summer of 2017, eighteen members of Trinity Church talked at length to a researcher from Roehampton. The interviews were recorded and transcribed and then read by two reflection teams, one from the church and the other from the academic community. The two teams met to share their reflections. 


The record of this meeting (edited to protect confidentiality) is available to web site members only.  It identifies some important insights from the work so far, including a number of questions which deserve more attention.

The deacons have considered this record and have approved a discussion document (pdf)  which draws on the main themes for use at a special church meeting on Sunday 15 July. This meeting will enable people who were not able to take part in the earlier interviews to share their own thoughts on believing, belonging and participating at Trinity. 

The ongoing discussions are an important part of the project. We hope and expect that they will help us to talk about God and the life of our church more freely and openly and will enable us to find new areas of shared understanding and growth.

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