A message from our minister

                                                                                                                        6 August 2020

We will open for public worship once again on Sunday 9th August. There will be two services – at 10 am and 11 am – and for those who cannot attend, or who do not feel comfortable doing so, the first service will be live-streamed at 10 am at his link. It will also be available to view online from 1 pm. Each service will be about 40 minutes long.

Since last Sunday, face coverings have become compulsory when attending places of worship. Please come prepared. You will see, however, that, when conducting the service, I will be barefaced so that I am not muffled. This is in keeping with good practice.  

Before I remind you what special arrangements we will have in place to help keep everyone safe, in the light of last week’s experience there are a couple of extra changes:


  • I will try to ensure that all who are still going through the procedures associated with entering church are settled before I start the service.

  • Tempting though it is to spend time with friends, the emphasis is on worship and the government discourages lingering when in church.

Now to remind you of the more important points I mentioned last week:

  • A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out on behalf of the Deacons.

  • To allow for appropriate physical distancing, every third pew will be in use and this means that we have reduced capacity. 

  • The entrance will be through the south east outside door, into the coffee area.  

  • Hand sanitisers will be used on entry. 

  • We will be pleased to welcome you, but not with a handshake.

  • There will be designated routes around the church.  

  • The exit will be through the south west and the vestry doors. Special arrangements will be made for any wheelchair users.

  • There will be a comprehensive single-use paper order of service for each person, which you will be asked to take away with you. 

  • Singing is not permitted by the government. 

  • There will be no crèche or Junior Church but children of all ages are actively encouraged to attend and will be welcome at any of the services.

  • A toilet will be available.

  • There will be no coffees and teas following the services.

  • Between each service, the toilet and touch points such as door handles, stair rails and pew backs will be cleaned.

  • You are invited to place your offering in a common receptacle at the back of the church either as you enter or as you leave.

We will record your attendance for test and trace purposes, but ask that you do not attend church if you are showing any of the symptoms associated with the virus. 

18 March 2020

Charity number 1136623

Regulated by the Charity Commission