An Easter message from our minister


21 April 2022

A "thank-you" letter from the minister

At the beginning of Lent I invited the congregation to donate in support of the Disasters Emergency Committee’s appeal for humanitarian aid for Ukraine. I coupled this with our previous practice of an annual fund-raising challenge for an overseas cause, asking if we could aim to raise £5,000 before Easter Day. I am delighted to report that, with Gift Aid included, you have donated over £5,300. I believe that much of this has been donated sacrificially and I thank you for your generous support.


An Easter Message

The Revd Fred Pratt Green, minister of Trinity Church from 1964 until his retirement, was one of the foremost Methodist hymnwriters of the latter part of the twentieth century. One of his Easter hymns is all the more popular because it is sung to a strong traditional Dutch tune. It begins “This joyful Eastertide.” Yes, Easter is a season, not just a day.  It is forty days of feasting and rejoicing which span the discovery of an empty tomb and the ascension of Christ, his return to the Godhead.

On this joyful Eastertide, the hymn asks, “What need is there for grieving?” I am sure you could supply a list of reasons to grieve. Who couldn’t? There is much in public life, in church life and in our personal and family lives to cause us worry, distress and dissatisfaction. But – and Easter is the world’s biggest but! – Eastertide is joyful because it “makes it plain [God’s] kingdom is not shaken” (as the hymn says). The deeper reality is what lies beneath the surface and beyond temporal materiality.

I look forward, therefore, to leading you in worship on Easter Day and on most Sundays in the Easter season, and it is my pleasure now to say “Happy Easter”!

We will, of course, continue to take precautions to help people feel safe in church while Covid-19 continues to be present, and I invite you to note the following.

Seating In the rear of the church there will be three pews at each side which will have no occupants in the pews behind or in front. These are for people who want to retain some spacing around themselves. All pews in the front section of the nave and the transepts will be free seating for people who do not mind having people immediately behind or in front of them.

  • Masks We will no longer require people to wear masks while in church. Mask wearing will be voluntary.

  • Holy Communion We have resumed the previous methods of serving Communion either in the pews or at the rail.

  • Refreshments We are now serving refreshments after morning services, but we ask you to move away from the serving tables after collecting your tea or coffee to make space for others.

  • Baptisms There will no longer be a need to segregate baptisms from main worship and these are now reincorporated into morning services.

Throughout all this we ask you to be kind to each other and to recognise that some of your fellow worshippers may be vulnerable and others will be cautious. Please respect their needs. A supply of masks and hand sanitisers will continue to be available each week. Please advise either one of the deacons, one of the stewards on door duty or the minister if any aspects of our response to the pandemic and the Government’s guidance cause you concern when in church.

Finally, you can find the hymn I refer to above at number 314 in Singing the Faith.


18 March 2020
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