CUCS Lent Study Groups


From 22 February 2021

Would you like to join a virtual Lent Discussion Group meeting via Zoom?

Or perhaps you would prefer to follow the material by yourself at home?


There will be 5 weekly sessions, starting in the week beginning Monday 22 February.


We will follow a course called "Woven" written by Michaela Youngson - you can download the full course at this link as a pdf document but booklets will be provided.

More details to follow, but if you are interested please email or telephone Olwen Edwards (Trinity)   07805 848983    020 8643 2525

Please give: your name, address, telephone number and email.  Indicate whether you prefer a Zoom meeting in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Responses as soon as possible would be great so that we can get the groups organised.


Charity number 1136623

Regulated by the Charity Commission