"The Art of Innovation"

Sunday 8 December 2019



Join us for a visit to London's Science Museum to see two special exhibitions:-

"The Art of Innovation" explores the relationship of science and art and how it has helped us to interpret, study and explore the world around us over the past 250 years.  This exhibition has been produced in partnership with the BBC and an associated 20-part radio series is airing now (weekdays 1345 Radio 4)  and is available as a podcast on BBC Sounds. 

"Top secret - from ciphers to cyber security" explores the remarkable world of codebreaking, ciphers and secret communications over the past century.

There are no entrance charges but you might want some change for tea in the café!

We will meet at the back of Trinity church after the morning service.

Bring a packed lunch which we will eat on the train.

We will travel by train and tube..  

Please contact John and Deborah Wroe 020 8642 9064 or email john.p.wroe@gmail.com for more information and please let us know if you intend to come.