There are a number of ways in which you can give money to support the work of Trinity.


Cash in the collection bags


You can of course simply place cash in the collection bags. However this precludes Trinity from making a Gift Aid reclaim on your donation.


Giving to Trinity

The offering on the communion table

Gift Aid


If you are a UK taxpayer, please sign a Gift Aid form and then Trinity can reclaim the basic rate tax that you have already paid on your donation. So if you are paying £40 to Trinity out of your taxed income, you have already paid £10 basic rate tax on this amount, and Trinity can reclaim that £10 making your gift worth £50 to Trinity.


This does require that Trinity can identify your donations, so you need to either use the envelope scheme or pay by bank standing order or bank transfer. If you are a higher rate taxpayer then you can reclaim the higher rate element of the tax. 


The Gift Aid form is very straightforward, and Gift Aid does not entail any commitment to future giving.




The envelope scheme


If you join the envelope giving scheme you will be provided with a box of envelopes - either one envelope for each week or one for each month, whichever you prefer. You can then put your money in the envelope, and the envelope into the collection.


The envelope scheme provides two key benefits:-

  • It helps you, the giver, to keep track of your donations by providing a gift envelope for each week (or month) through the tax year from April to March.

  • If you use Gift Aid, the envelope scheme enables your gifts to be identified and recorded during the year against your envelope number, which provides the records needed for the tax reclaim. The number on the envelope is unique to you and enables your gifts to be recorded each week whilst maintaining an element of confidentiality.




Bank standing order


Many people avoid the complication of having to remember their envelopes by using a bank standing order. Have you been puzzled as to why many people in the congregation pass the collection bag on without putting anything in it?  This is likely to be the reason!   Our account details are:-

    Royal Bank of Scotland   Sort code 15 20 25  Account no 10099261



Bank transfer (BACS)


You can make a one-off donation by bank transfer.   Our account details are:-

    Royal Bank of Scotland   Sort code 15 20 25  Account no 10099261


You can post a cheque, made payable to Trinity Church, to our Treasurer Malcolm Booth.  His address is:-

     37 Sherwood Park Road, Sutton SM1 2SG



If you wish to make a donation online you can do so here using a debit or credit card via PayPal.  This also facilitates Gift Aid.  However note that PayPal retain a small percentage as an administration charge.



Just Giving


If you particularly wish your donation to remain anonymous, you can use the Just Giving website.  This also facilitates Gift Aid, with the tax reclaim being done by Just Giving who pass the reclaimed tax to Trinity.  However note that Just Giving retain a small percentage as an administration charge.





Do please also consider leaving a legacy to Trinity when writing your will.  If you intend to do this it is very important to identify the charity accurately.  Please identify us as

                  Trinity (URC/Methodist) Church, Sutton, Surrey - Charity number 1136623


For more information


If you would like to change your method of giving, or arrange to Gift Aid your giving, or if you have any questions, please contact Malcolm Booth, our Treasurer, (020 8715 0514 or email Malcolm Booth) or use our contact form.



Thank you


Your support to Trinity is appreciated - a sincere thank you!