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Covid precautions

We continue to take precautions to help people keep safe, and to feel safe, in church while Covid-19 continues to be present.


If you feel unwell.  If you feel unwell, and there is a possibility that this is due to Covid or another infectious disease, please do not come into church.

Seat spacing.  At the rear of the church there will be three pews available each side which will have no occupants in the pews behind or in front. These are for people who want to retain some spacing around themselves.


All pews in the front section of the nave and the transepts will be free seating for people who do not mind having people immediately behind or in front of them.

Face coverings.  You are no longer required to wear face coverings while in church. Face coverings are voluntary.  A supply of face coverings will continue to be available.

Hand sanitiser.  Please continue to use the hand sanitiser as you come into church.


Holy Communion. We have resumed the previous methods of serving Communion either in the pews or at the rail.

Refreshments.  We are now serving refreshments after morning services, but you are asked to move away from the serving tables after collecting your tea or coffee to make space for others.

Baptisms.   Baptisms are now reincorporated into morning services.

Please continue to kind to each other and to recognise that some of your fellow worshippers may be vulnerable and others will be cautious.  Please respect their needs.


Please advise either one of the deacons, one of the stewards on door duty or the minister if any aspects of our response to the pandemic and the Government’s guidance cause you concern when in church.

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