The service is led by Revd Dr David Dickinson.  The lesson is from ??????????????????????

The service will be live-streamed at 10am.  Just a couple of minutes before 10am please click on the button below to open a new window for the live stream and then click on the play button.

This is the first time we have attempted live streaming - please accept our apologies for any technical glitches!  Should the stream not be watchable, please return after 1pm to see a recording.

A video recording of the service, and an audio-only version for those with slow internet connections, will be made available here later on the Sunday - hopefully by 1pm. 

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17 May 2020

Click on this play button for an audio-only version

Click on the video icon below to play the video.  If you can't hear, check the volume settings on your device - is your sound muted? 

Click the rectangle symbol in the bottom right of the video window to make it fill your screen.  Click the "esc" button on your keypad to return. 

Are there children in your household?  After the service you could help them work through the material from "Roots" that they would normally have used in our Junior Church...  


Or if you are adult then Roots provide material for you too!  See our web page on Christian Study.

Also see study material from "Roots" for study as individuals or with families...

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